September 3rd 2008

It appears the DLL Object extension might have gotten distributed in the past without an example file. This distribution includes the example file.

DLL Object

Created by Daniel Rehn,
Modified by Chris Branch.

The DLL Object allows you to call functions of external DLL's. This object is similar to the CallDll object for MMF1.5 but with a few differences :

New Argument & Return types : Floats, Doubles, Pointers
Functions can be called from Expressions
Arguments can be added as well as set

Argument types that correspond to C++ variable types :

Integer = int, long, short, char, any pointer type (to valid memory! e.g. the address of a Binary object's data)
Float = float
Double = double (set using a string, just like the Double Precision Object)
String = const char*
Integer buffer = int*, long*
Float buffer = float*
Double buffer = double* (set using a string)
String buffer = char* pointing to a character buffer of any size and default value

DLL Object