Alright, so I take pride in standing up for MMF2's amazing stability, flexibility, and just all around lack for glitches that apparently a ton of people are magically finding left and right, and use against it.

However, I think I did find a small glitch that has actually hit me in the past, but I sort of ignored it.

Whenever I click on "Do not create at start." in the options, or if I delete all Entities of an object at the start of the frame, I'll find that for some reason, when I try to create this object again, it wont let me.

Now this is extremely broad, because honestly, I have no clue what the pattern is here. I mean, everything I described up their can be immediately disproved with the same exact application I'm using to prove them. So Yves, if you want to, I'll be more then happy to give you a copy of the MFA file that's causing the glitch, and tell you exactly how to re-create it, it's pretty simple.

PS: If this isn't a glitch, and I'm just missing some sort of logic in MMF2's execution flow, please let me know.