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Thread: The Digit Widget [WIP] (multi-widget)

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    The Digit Widget [WIP] (multi-widget)

    This isn't quite finished yet, there's still the issue of actually attaching the code to the object via a behaivour. For some reason, when I attach it to the Spawner object, it stops working =/
    If anyone knows how to fix that, it would be much appreciated
    For now, if you wish to use it, you'll have to manually copy the code from the event editor. Sorry.

    Anyway. This is the Digit Widget. What does it do? Well, simply put, it's a counter that uses actives for each digit. I orignally thought of it so that it would be possible to have an animation on each digit. But of course, seeing as it's using actives... you can do ANYTHING you like with it. I dunno, maybe attach each digit to a Phizix body and have them bounce around the frame. If that floats your boat.

    I tried to make it as simple to use as possible. Drag the Spawner and Digit onto the frame, delete the Digit again. Edit the Digit animations however you like. Set the Padding and DigitCount values of the Spawner.
    In "Always" line of the code, change the value("Counter") bit in the first action to whatever variable/counter/etc you want the widgit to use.

    The spawner should be positioned where you want the leftmost digit to be.

    There's a simple example on Frame 2 to see what the widget does.

    Considering entering this into the Wild Widget Contest, but tbh, most of the code I've had to ask for on technical support for (n_n;. Besides, it's not complete yet, and hardly up to the standards of the other entries :P
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    Re: The Digit Widget [WIP] (multi-widget)

    *shakes head*
    Claim all work for yourself...
    Nobody else helped at all.

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