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    Kiosk Helper


    This is version 1.0 of the Kiosk Helper object that I used in my projects last year. I had it lying around my HD for some time now and decided to make it public.

    Kiosk Helper 1.0 (by Andre Guerreiro Neto - byo)

    Seen as kiosk helper functionalities were requested by a few users and a had this little object lying around in my PC, here is version 1.0.

    It's only made of Actions like "Disable desktop icons", "show screensaver" and "hide taskbar" and could be of some use to the Clickteam community.


    Any bug reports, constructive criticism and sugestions can be e-mailed to:

    Kiosk Helper v1.0 for MMF2 Standard/Developer

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    Download link is broken!
    Nicolas "Nico" Sourdeval

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    Thanks, but I need a ZIP file, no installer...
    Nicolas "Nico" Sourdeval

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    Tu peux peut être l'installer et créer ton fichier zip ... ?

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    Non, l'installeur me bloque, car je n'ai plus MMF2 d'installé
    Nicolas "Nico" Sourdeval

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    Is there a download link that is in a .zip filetype?
    -luigim1 PizzaPasta

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    yeah, iOSC posted it right above your post...

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