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Thread: Sub-app difficulties

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    Sub-app difficulties

    Hi there. I am using a sub-app as a pause screen during my game. However. The glitch as it stands is the following:

    When pushing enter the sub-app should appear. However, when I push enter I can see the app losing focus to allow the sub-app to pop up. But what I then need to do is click on the app and push enter again and then the sub-app will appear. Can anyone help or point me to a guide or something that will help this work.

    Is a possible problem layers???

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    Re: Sub-app difficulties

    I'm not sure... I haven't had a problem with focus when calling a subapp, using the technique described in this thread -

    However, it's always possible that something else in your frame - an event or just an object - is causing your focus to vanish just before the subapp comes up.

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