Looki's Shader Pack V 2.0 © Looki 2008
Feel free to use any of the shaders. No credit needed at all.

Note: Since the directory names of the shaders can change sometimes, please delete the old version before copying the new one!


2.0: "Grain" added, adds grain effect
1.95: "Color In/Out" added, redirect R channel to G etc., Bug in Sphere fixed
1.92: "Hole" now features "Hide half" for both vertical and horizontal.
1.91: "Hole" now features a "Hide halves" parameter.
1.9: "Shading" added, creates simple drop shadows.
1.8: "Perspetive" improved. Now uses linear stretching, with much more control - You're able to define the top and bottom width.
1.7: "Sphere" and "Hole" added. Sorry for the display bug with the Sphere shader using a too high perspective coefficient!
1.6: "Channel Shifting" added. Removed "Multiplier A" parameter from "Gradient", which was useless.
1.5: "Mirror" now features "Mirror X/Y" and "Breaking point" parameters.
"Rotation and Sub-Pixel positioning" now removes the "our of texture" lines automatically.
1.45: "Gradient" now features a "Visibility" parameter.
1.4: "Gradient" now features a "Mask" parameter.
1.3: "Simple Mask" now features a "Visibility" parameter.
1.2: "Simple Mask", "Rotation and Sub-Pixel positioning", "Gradient" added.
1.1: "Perspective" now features an 'X Center' parameter.

How to install:
Unzip and place ShaderPack folder under the "Effects" folder in a hardware accelerated version of MMF/TGF.

You access the shaders under the properties in the "Display Options"