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Thread: Testing for open ports?

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    Testing for open ports?

    My MMF app requires a couple ports (7777 and 6500) to be opened, unblocked, and forwarded to the user's computer. When the game starts, is there a way that I can stop the user if those ports are not open? How would I test the connection through those ports? MooSock and php maybe? Help please.

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    Re: Testing for open ports?

    I did such a thing once, using php.

    When you created a game it was registered to a server which tested if your computer was reachable and added it to a list of playable games.

    I don't have the file right here, but I guess I did it with f_open() command, in which you can specify a time-limit before abort. I could find the php file again if you need it (ask me by pm).

    Not this won't really test if the port is opened, but rather if you are connected, if your port is forwarded and if you firewall lets in connexions.

    PS: You can use Live receiver rather than moosock for more ease.

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