Hi everyone
I'm new to this forum,I recently upgraded to Multimedia Fusion 2 from Vers.1 and I've been playing around with the "Platform Movement Object" extension that was part of the bonus pack and i'm having troubles with Jump through platforms spaced too close together vertically - my player keeps falling through the bottom platform of two closely placed platforms.

I'll try and illustrate my situation; Imagine that I have 2 fairly thick platforms one placed above the other that have a space of about 10 pixels between them and my player is 15 pixels high what is happening is that if my player tries to sit on the bottom platform he is overlapping the platform above it and the PMO is responding by making him fall through instead of land on the platform.

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem with the PMO and might be able to offer some guidance on what i should do to remedy work around it.

Any assistance that you can offer would be greatly appreciated