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Thread: Custom jumps using PMO

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    Custom jumps using PMO

    Hi,i was just wondering if anyone might be able to take a look at the jump controls i'm currently trying to implement using the PMO object and perphaps offer some advice as to how I would go about programming them.I've already recieved advice on how to achieve The normal jump in another post called "PMO Object uncontrolled jumping help" But i've been having trouble adding the other jumps ontop of that movement.

    Anyway below is a description of the controls i'm aiming for
    I've provided visual aids to help describe how each jump looks

    1:Normal/long Jump

    A normal jump is performed by pressing the jump button while holding either the left or right key at the same time

    2:Short Jump

    a short jump is performed by first jumping on the spot,and pressing right or left whilst airbourne

    3:cancelling a jump

    pressing in the direction opposite to that of the jump cancels a normal/Long jump and the player descends downward in a slight curve

    - Of course ontop of this is plain ol jumping on the spot.

    Any help you can offer on tackling any element of the jumps I mentioned above would be appreciated.

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    Re: Custom jumps using PMO

    I quickly threw this together. It is most likely not exactly what you want, but maybe it will give you an idea to play with.

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