Can someone help me with this?
I'm trying to work on a solid platform engine under floating point movement. But before I can make that, I have to fix this one issue.

I've been able to use fast loops with this so that the object does not move passed the walls. However, I'm still unable to get the object to move at its velocity correctly using floating point movement.

- In the first frame, fast loops are used. But the velocity I wanted is all wrong. The object does not move when the velocity is still above 0.
- In the second frame is EXACTLY what I want it to do, BUT, fast loops are NOT present here to keep it from moving past the walls.

So what I'm trying to do is, make the object in frame 1 move like it exactly moves in frame 2, but use fast loops to keep it from going passed the walls.
As you notice in Frame 1 there, when the velocity X is still over 0, but below 1 (ex. 0.75), the object does NOT move when I want it to. If I attempt to add the decimals of velocity x in the position, the object keeps moving awkwardly. It even flies passed the walls at times.

Someone told me that fast loops work in whole numbers only, absolute values. But since fast loops can't work in decimals, this is where my issue occurs.

How can I fix this?