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Thread: Process Stopper Help

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    Process Stopper Help

    I am trying to make a program that stops/terminates processes running. I have made the basic bit (well sort of). You select a process from the list, then click on the ">>" button. The line then moves to the other list box. This list box contains a list of processes that should be terminated when open. I am not sure how to close the processes. I know about the "Terminate Process" action, but it requires a process ID. How do I select the process from the line when it is opened, then get the process ID from that process name?

    Here is my source file:

    Please help!


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    Re: Process Stopper Help

    Use the "Big Box" Object, and close the EXE Filename. I have a program that I made awhile back that lets users add any program to a list, and if found, terminates it. If you want the source, let me know.

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