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Thread: ogg to mp3 via commandline

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    ogg to mp3 via commandline

    Is anybody aware if there's a freeware converter out there that could convert ogg to mp3 via commandline. The ONU object has such great features, I was wondering if it was possible to convert mp3's to a temporary ogg file so the Onu object could be used in a jukebox type app. Converting an entire library of mp3's to ogg is not viable.

    I'm guessing that a few tracks in the playlist would have to be cached in advance, otherwise waiting for the track to encode would be a pain.

    just an idea..

    If such a commandline app existed it would need to be freely distributed with the app.

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    Re: ogg to mp3 via commandline

    FFMPEG is your best choice command line app. It not only rips audio and video out of videos but can transcode from one format to another. It's very versatile. You can get a gui for it too.

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