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Thread: Basic Multiple Choice Dialogue for Boba Fonts

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    Basic Multiple Choice Dialogue for Boba Fonts

    Ok, here is an extremely basic example for Boba Fonts of one of the many ways you could have multiple choice dialogue in your game.

    (regarding this thread)

    It uses the Ini++ object but I haven't used any special features to keep it simple. The questions and responses are displayed using the speech bubble object (but textblitter would look better and give you more options). Note that the responses are positioned according to the height if the question's speech bubble but I haven't bothered with the responses so if they word wrap then they will overlap.

    There's hardly anything to the example so i haven't bothered to add comments, but if you want them I'll add them.

    The example could be easily extended to do much more but instead personally I would use it as an idea only and write a much better system.

    Cursor keys to move, press space over an npc to talk, select responses with the mouse.

    Hope it helps you get started on your own system.

    Note: Uses Speech Bubble Object and String Tokenizer
    Note2: On event 7, there is the action 'SBresponse: Set ID to LoopIndex("DisplayResponses")'. I forgot to remove that as it and that alterable value aren't needed.

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