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Thread: checking for a valid URL

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    checking for a valid URL

    Hi There

    I want to be able to check if an image is available on the net via a URL. I want to be able to check if the file exists before downloading the file. At the moment I can't seem to find a way to check this. I've tried the download object but it does not report a problem with an invalid path to a JPG and creates a version on the hard drive. This version of the JPG is obviously corrupt. So to recap is there a way to:

    a) check a URL (linked to JPG on the net) is valid/exisits?
    b) check if the file that has been downloaded is corrupt


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    Re: checking for a valid URL

    Sometimes I use live receiver or the get object to check to see if a URL is valid. There is no option on any of these extensions to check if a page is actually valid.

    However, what I usually do is get the page from live receiver, and have the data received into the rich text object, and search a specific text that I know the page is going to have.

    Or If I do not know any of the content on the page, than I search to see if a page error document is listed.

    What you should do is try my idea, and intentionally enter an incorrect URL, and see what error message comes up.

    If you need an example made, I can do that for you.

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