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Thread: Basic Lacewing chatroom tutorial

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    Basic Lacewing chatroom tutorial

    I had released an OINC tutorial several months back, and just got around to converting it is!
    In several formats:
    PDF download
    This is a complete walkthrough of the chatroom, and some decent information on application settings.
    MFA download
    This is the tutorial when it is completed in case you like to view what the PDF will bring you to.
    EXE (in zip) download
    And that's the finished EXE.
    Hopefully, I set it out in a way that tutorial makers can follow as a template.

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    Re: Basic Lacewing chatroom tutorial

    I read the PDF and it is excellent and so very thorough and informative, it will be a big help to me.

    PS. I like your Action Checkmark Display, it looks like Red and Blue Battenburg Cake, my Action Checkmark Display is just a Blue Circle. I need a new one.

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