The Button behaviour was writen to support / solve touch-screen-lag as you may call it. Using a set of 4 internal flags. Each object that has the behaviour applied to it will know 4 states:

31 = Clicked (fires once)
30 = Up/Down State (fires continues)
28 = Ignore *optional (disables it)

So instead of having "Clicked on Object with Left mouse"
You now have "Object Flag 31 = On" (remember it fires only once)
To get the Up/Down state, read Flag 30.

Additionaly, you may continue to add conditions as you like.

The advantage of it over the build-in MMF mouse-click event, is that it runs independant, it can be changed, and above all, it fixed the lag issue.
Its a somewhat, accurate lesser accurate, replacement, to the [possibly] to accurate MMF build-in.
It maybe just a little tad slower, but its not noticable. It just adds a bit more code.

Please see the source and demo files attached.
(runs on 320x240 smarphones)