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Thread: Cell based movement won't work

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    Cell based movement won't work

    Why? I assume it has to do with object selection, but I have tried everything I knew to no avail!

    I need to make this cell based movement using detectors, but while one object works fine, as soon as you add another object, it all goes to hell.

    I have an ID system in place (but unused). This is for a lacewing game. I managed to make it work without using detectors, but that's not how I want it.

    Can you make this work for multiple "movers"?

    MFA Repository - Bugged Cell Movement

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    Re: Cell based movement won't work

    The problem is that you're not selecting the object at all with the compare two general values condition. Try instead first setting the object's position or whatever to an alterable value, then from the object its self use the condition compare to alterable value.
    Working as fast as I can on Fusion 3

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