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Thread: Basic Python Object Help

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    Basic Python Object Help

    Quote Originally Posted by Mathias
    Using the extension should be straight forward, and shouldn't really require documentation
    Well, apparently I'm not smart enough to pick it up myself. Luckily then, I'm fine with looking stupid and asking questions!

    Running Python files works wonderfully, I'm very much enjoying that control. What I don't know how to do yet is run a function (with arguments) and get the return value in MMF2.

    So what events/actions do I need to run this function from the python file:

    def echo(string):
        return string
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    Re: Basic Python Object Help

    Well, have a look at the example file "python_functions.mfa". Basically, you can either register the function, or call it by name:
    import interface
    def my_echo_function(string):
        return string
    def echo(string):
        return string
    and in your MFA, first run the script, then add a string argument (Add parameter String$("Python object", "Hi!")), then call either the registered function (Call registered function "echo") or the global function (Call global "echo"). To get the return value, you simply do StringValue$("Python object", Return( "Python object", 0)), and that's about it

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