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Thread: Spotlight where the camera is facing

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    Spotlight where the camera is facing

    Is there a way to set the spotlight so that it is always in front of whatever direction the camera is facing?


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    Re: Spotlight where the camera is facing

    If you are only using one light source ( the spotlight ) you could call the Apply Lights action only once at start and not on redraw, this way it won't be affected by camera transformation and will appear to follow the camera. However, if you need other light sources that shouldn't follow the camera you must manually set the position and direction of the spotlight to that of the camera. Setting the position is simple enough but the direction is trickier. If you only rotate the camera about the y axis ( camera yaw ) then you can set spotlight direction to: X = sin( yaw ), Y = 0, Z = cos( yaw ). Or perhaps it was X = -sin( yaw ), I'm not sure.

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