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Thread: Slide Shader

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    Slide Shader

    Hello, this is Jacob here with his first shader.

    This is designed to offset an image based on two coefficients. It is based on the Horizontal Flip shader.

    This includes the .fx file, .xml file, and an .mfa example showing one possible use of it.

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    Re: Slide Shader

    One issue with a shader like this is that when setting the source pixel to something out of bounds, it will always take the bounded pixel at that edge. Hence an image with part of the image overlapping the edges will have those edges "stretched" for the offset.

    People can work around that by adding a 1 pixel transparent border to images, but a really neat thing to do would be to modify the shader to detect if the source would be out of bounds, and if so set the pixel to a transparent. But thats just an idea for making it really complicated

    Looks very good!

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    Re: Slide Shader

    A version of this shader was posted somewhere here in the forums, but I think it didn't support fPixelWidth/Height, and it's a nice for your first shader anyway!

    Of course, Pixelthief's suggestion would be nice, and is very easy to add as well, I think you can pull that off

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