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Thread: Data base

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    Data base

    Hi everybody,

    I've recently downloaded the demo of mmf2 and I need you for some help. It's the first time that I try this program and I would known if it was possible to create sort of data base that everybody can access from an application (and save them on the web). I'd like to make "accounts systems". I mean that somebody could connect with his own password and username. I also want to send "value" (like ini) on a server but I'd like to change or delete these value. I already have a little search on the server and I found this tutorial: I did it but i don't know how to change existing value (on the web) and I won't be abble to do all the tutorial because some extensions are missing. I've also tried the ftp extension but it is really slow.

    Thanks for you help

    Ps: Excuse me for the mistakes of grammar and spelling. :grin:

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    Re: Data base

    I think that the online scoreboards tutorial probably just about has the approach that you'll need, but the need for the Moosock object has now been replaced with the Get object, which is a lot simpler to use. Learning how to update records is really something that's on the PHP/SQL side of it.

    There's a username/password tutorial that uses much the same approach floating around the forums somewhere as well...

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