Hey, folks!

I have a question that might fit into the Java forum, but it more pertains to replicating functionality that is supported in Java output than about output issues--so I thought to put the post here. If it is more appropriate to have the post in the Java forum, my apologies (and feel free to move this there).

I am trying to replicate how Joint functionality works in the Chipmunk Phizix object, yet be about to output in Java. Considering that the Chipmunk Phizixs object is not supported in MMF2 Developer Java development, I was wondering if there was any way I can replicate a Joint effect.

The specific effect I want to replicate works just like it does in the "Joint" example (as found in the "Examples" directory). I want to be able to place two Active objects, then link one to another using one of them as a "joint," then extending a line to the other Active object (and when the mouse button is released, the two are connected by a line).

Is there any way I can replicate this effect with any extensions/objects which Java output supports?

If not, does the Phizix object work in MMF2 Flash output (using the separate plug-in)?

And if the answer is "no" to either of the two above questions, are there any plans to have the Chipmunk Phizix (or Phizix 2D) extensions made available for Java and/or Flash output?

As always, I thank you for your assistance!

Most graciously...