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Thread: Sound "pause" event trouble

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    Sound "pause" event trouble

    When my game is compiled into an exe or run using the test game feature in MMF2, the "pause sound" and "resume sound" work fine. (I'm pausing the background music while a jingle is playing each level, then resuming the music afterwards.)

    However, I can't seem to get that to work with the flash version of the game. Everytime it "pauses" the music file, flash just cuts it off entirely(the resume sound if paused event doesn't even fire off, just like if I had told MMF to "stop playing" the file.)

    Does everything in the sound object work in swfs, including the pause/resume sound events, or have I found a bug? I'm trying to figure out if it's my code or flash that's the problem.

    A possible work around would be helpful too, as I'm not sure how else to do this if I can't use the pause/resume events. I tried a workaround by saving the position of the song in a global value, but that command isn't working for me in the flash version either(I get 0 returned for "get position of soundfile" and then of course the music starts over as if I didn't have that code there).

    EDIT: For now, I'll just have the sounds mix, the jingle is only 2 seconds long so it's not much of an issue with this game.

    When I get more time free, I'll do a quick test flash app to see if I can get flash to pause and resume without having all the rest of the game code. Will update then.

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    Re: Sound "pause" event trouble

    There is a inherent problem with pause on long sounds. Butresuming the sound should restart it from the begining and not stop it. So I am puzzled here.

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