I've been a long time user of MMF2, but I usually don't do anything serious with it.
I had an idea to make a game like Myst and I figured that Fusion would be the best engine for it because it's very simple.

I have two problems so far:
Right now I have the mouse arrows working, so when I move to left of screen, it changes my mouse to left arrow and vice versa. If I click, it will move to the specified room.

The first problem is that I can't find a transition that just slides the old image out left or right while simultaneously sliding the new one into view. Is there a plugin for this or something? It's not critical, but it would make it look much better.

The other problem is that I need to change the mouse cursor to a magnifying glass over the objects. I've created an object with type "collectable". In the code I put this:

Mouse pointer is over "collectable"
Set global value A to CurrentImage("cursor")
Change cursor to magnifying glass

X Mouse pointer is over "collectable"
Only one action when event loops
Change cursor to image number Global Value A

This is meant to save the cursor so then when it moves back off the object, it will restore to what it was before, but it doesn't work. It just stays the same.

Here is my file AdvTemplate.mfa
Right now, there is only two frames and you click to the right only.
Please forgive the terrible graphics, this is just to test and see if the concept will work. I am on the brink of just coding the thing in a real programming language, but I thought this would be easier.