I have some performance questions after reading this guide: http://stuartspixelgames.com/2014/05...r-fusion-game/

"Use Colour Reduction in the iPhone or Android property settings under Image Compression – big improvement"
"32,000 colours is much faster than 16 million (ideal for mobile) – big improvement"

I have never seen any improvement in performance when reducing color. The only differance I have seen have been in file size. Do other people have other experience with this?

"V-sync recommended for smooth graphics"

I read above that you can use Vsync on iOS. Is it the same on Android?

"60 fps (less can cause stuttering)"

This one I don't understand. Why would lower then 60 fps cause stuttering? I have never been able to make any mobile game that runs well in 60 fps. I often have to cut it down to about 30 fps to have it stable.

"Enable “Wake_Lock” under the permissions to help keep the phone backlight on and have the Android object in the frame. Then in event editor, “Start of frame: Android Object –> Start sleep prevention”

What does this really do?

"Use conditions to limit what is being scoped. e.g By checking if “the number of objects is greater than 0″ when scoping, this stops the other conditions being checked if that particular object isn’t thereNumber of (“Active”)>0
+Another Condition (“Active”)
+Another Condition (“Active”)

“If number of {particles} greater than 0 > do this” condition.

Otherwise, Fusion can waste a lot of memory checking for things when it doesn’t have to."

Do you have to add this extra event or could you as well just use another condition a the top that for example check if a flag is on for an object, and it would be false automatically if that object is not present in the frame? It would do the same in practice as having an extra condition to check if that object exists?