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Thread: Fastloopfree tactics range

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    Fastloopfree tactics range

    From time to time and every few years i try to create a tactics clone in style of Final Fantasy Tactics. Previous attempts all failed. I nevertheless try again. What could again bite me into my butt is the MMF internal limit where the overlapping fails. That was the reason why i stopped my previous attempts. But let`s have a look how far i can push it now.

    I have already solved the biggest problem this time. The range. In my previous attempts i had unexpected holes in the range because of the above told problem. This time all looks consistent. And the code doesn`t even need fastloops yet, and is pretty uncomplicated too. Which is great for a possible flash game. Biggest drawback is the needed amount of actives to create the range. But they just get created for a short amount of time. And so i don`t see a big problem with it as long as it doesn`t went higher than the object limit
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