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Thread: Disk Space

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    Disk Space


    I have a minor problem in that the installer notifies the amount of disk space required and the available disk space on the host computer.

    Problem is I have to keep all my data files external(4gb) and of course the size of these are not included with the disk space required. Which has only just reared its head from one of my customers, which did not have enough space.
    Is there any way round this?.
    I use the pro version. build 38



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    Re: Disk Space

    of course the size of these are not included with the disk space required
    Wrong, it's included.

    I think the problem in your case is that the size is above 2 Gb and in this case unexpected results may happen in size comparisons, which happens in your case. For example if the total size is above 4.5 Gb, then IC will *remove* 4 Gb from the real size and will think the installer needs 500 Mb of free disk space (as it stores sizes on 4-byte values).

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