Hi sorry for my bad english.
Please, i'm try to solve one problem, if anyone can help me i will apreciate.
i'm made one application that store the data in one .inf file.
For exemplo...
In the start of aplication, i load the .inf in the aplication and after edit that information, i save again in that .inf file.
It's working fine, the problem is that in my work, we use linux and i made that aplication to run over the browser.
I'm made with flash and is everything work great, but i'm trying to do one thing:
in the start of the aplication, download that .inf and when close the aplication, upload that .inf in my ftp...

i'm running the last edition of multimedia fusion with the last update of flash.
But with the flash, i can't find one extension to acess one ftp server... just one get extension, but i can find one exemple and i don how know how to use...
If anybody could help-me i will thankyou.

Note: I think that exist the ftp extension for java, but the browser say that my applet isn't signed and don't open the applet. And i dont't know if we have java here in the work