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Thread: Flint particle problem (StephenL)

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    Flint particle problem (StephenL)

    I'm using Flint particle engine by StephenL and noticed one issue.

    I have 2 frames: main menu and level. Flint object is placed only in level frame. At the start particles are drawn very quickly (50FPS). But after over 20 game restarts FPS drops below 20FPS.

    How to repeat process:
    1. Go to
    2. press space to go to level
    3. click mouse couple of times
    4. when ready press space to return to main menu
    5. repeat 2. and 4. about 20-30 times
    6. go to level and click mouse

    Tried to "stop emmiter" when quitting level, but it didn't help.


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    Re: Flint particle problem (StephenL)

    I can reproduce this, but I have no idea what is causing it. :crazy:
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    Re: Flint particle problem (StephenL)

    I pressed the space bar a bunch of times without clicking the mouse. Then I clicked the mouse and it almost froze at 3 fps.
    Seems like a recursive loop not ending.

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