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Thread: Additional files that are not in the EXE

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    Additional files that are not in the EXE

    Hi All,

    What I'm trying to do is to create an installer that will copy a file from the directory that it is placed to the install directory.

    It is important that the file is not included in the installation it self, because I want to be able to update this file without the need to rebuild the installer.

    So if I want to distribute new version of the software, I only change the file that has the data and burn the folder to a CD, so when that CD installs the new file is used!

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Re: Additional files that are not in the EXE

    Hmm, Install Creator Pro has a "Keep file external" option (in the Misc. tab) BUT it stores the size and checksum of the file in the EXE to check if the file was correctly installed, so you can't use that, if you replace the file later the installation will fail.

    The other solution : run a .bat file that will copy the file to the install directory - you can pass the install directory as parameter to the .bat file with the #InstallDir# macro (put it between double-quote characters). If you need more details pleese ask. Drawback: a DOS window will be quickly displayed.

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