I'm trying to set up my game so it will pass all the controller/signed in conditions outlined here:

a. Have controller 1 switched off with no profile signed in during the test and your App Hub profile logged in on controller 2.

b. Have controller 1 switched on, again with no profile signed in during the test and your App Hub profile logged in on controller 2.

c. Have controller 1 switched on, with your CCO profile logged in, and no profile logged in on controller 2. The game must not simply ignore controller 2 in this situation, but must still allow you to play with controller 2; however, the game may ask you to login a profile on #2 first.
With games with no data save, this isn't too much of a problem because the storage device selector doesn't need to be activated.

Trouble is, if you have an ini, you need to use the storage selector.
The storage selector can only be used by players that are signed in (if it's activated by a controller with nobody signed in, it crashes).

The problem is I can't detect if controller being used has no profile (in which instance I would call the sign-in interface using the gamer services object).

As far as the gamer services object goes, the 'has players signed in' trigger works, but will trigger if any profile is signed in and not any specific ones.
The 'get number of players signed in' expression doesn't seem to be working when testing, neither does the 'get player alias'. If they did, they could be used for seeing if a player has signed into a profile by using 'if player1 alias = "" then call sign in' etc.

What you can do is call up the sign-in interface regardless if the player is already signed in or not, but this is a bit odd seeing as a player who is already logged into their profile would still have to select their profile. Also, the sign-in interface can be cancelled, and hence if it cancelled on a controller that has no profile, this will lead to a crash when the storage selector is called for the ini.

So unless I'm missing something, we need the functions fixed on the gamer services in order to pass the requirements on the app hub (for a game with data to save). Even better would be a function to check if a specific player is signed into a profile.