As ever we will have slots for people to give a demonstration, presentation or talk on the Saturday at the convention. In addition, we will be running workshops and other presentations on the Sunday so if you think you have something which fits in with that, feel free to contact us too.

The firm deadline for submitting will be set shortly - in the mean time please try to submit your outlines before the end of May. If you think this will be a problem, of course get in touch and we can discuss the situation.

Please send a private message on the forum to either me (SToP_GAP) or Jamie (jamie) with the following information:

[color:red]Presentation title[/color]
This should be a working title for your talk - this can be changed later on (eg. "my RPG game" will do if you're not sure!)

[color:red]Length of your presentation[/color]
How long you think you will need? Usually people take about 15-25 minutes depending on what they have to talk about. If you're not sure, say so as we might be able to make a better guess than you

[color:red]A brief outline[/color]
We don't need a finished talk here - just the main points describing what you would like to talk about, for example:

"I would like to demonstrate my platform game project which features HWA effects. I will be demonstrate the game on the screen as I talk".

If you have more details, please feel free to add them in here too

[color:red]Equipment needed for your talk[/color]
We will have a Windows 7 PC with a minimum 2GB RAM, 2.5ghz Athlon XP X2, NVidia 8800 GTS 320MB or better graphics, a keyboard, a mouse, a joystick, a gamepad and bluetooth.
There will be a projector and screen (resolution to be confirmed)
We will have a sound system at the venue sufficient for the whole audience to hear.

If you require additional equipment such as a Wii remote or anything like this then please let us know in advance. If we are not able to provide it then you will be allowed to bring this yourself but we'd like to know in advance to make sure everything is planned for.

If you have any requirements like being able to plug in an iPhone/tablet for display on the projector it is especially important to let us know this so we can make sure to have the correct connectors and so on for you.

You are welcome to use your own computer/laptop for the presentation but again please let us know about this.

If you require any specific software, for example Powerpoint Viewer to be installed (yes I forgot that one last year!) please let us know.

Thanks and we look forward to your submissions!!