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Thread: Texture Overlay

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    Texture Overlay


    This shader is to provide a tiled texture overlay to sprites. It is pretty basic in features as of right now, but it does work as expected. You can change the scale of the texture being mapped to the object by changing its dimension parameters. I hope I'm not relying on unexpected behavior for this shader, but basically how it works is it fetches values < 0 and > 1 to "loop back" the texture and tile it across the sprite.

    Current features:
    • "Pixel-perfect" texture tiling
    • Texture scaling
    • Floating-point Texture offset (great for anything that scrolls)

    Features planned:
    • A background version of the shader, for clouds, water effects, etc.
    • EasyBlend support (Custom blend mode over the sprite or background, to give neat blend effects on the texture overlay)
    • Animated picture support (Specifying number of x/y splits in the image as parameters, and using an index to display the appropriate frame)


    A download link is provided below.
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    Re: Texture Overlay

    Thanks a ton! One easy use I can see for it is making a "hit" animation for different kinds of enemies in a platformer, rather than hardcoding them in, and adding all sorts of controls as to what it does animation-wise.

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    Re: Texture Overlay

    Nobuyuki, I'm with Pixelthief on this and thanks. This is going to be a useful Shader and hopefully there will not be any bugs.


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    Nice and usefull effect but I found a irritating bug - this problem mind me in creating game.
    When I have multiple frames and jump from first frame to second frame (where this shader is used) and back to first frame and next to second frame - object which have this shader - change Overlay texture to other textures (this effect there sometimes) but to the configuration this bug is all the time.
    For simplicity when You can see this bug: download this shader and open example, add one frame and create events for jumping between frames. When You do it - run the aplication, jump between frames (more than once) and You can see badly changing texture.
    This bug sometimes can be eliminated, You have to create for example counter or other active object but in big application this don't work (too many objects and bug still exist)
    I hope You repair this bug, I will be thankfull.

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