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Thread: Slot Machine

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    Slot Machine

    I made a little slot machine app. It runs ok on my DroidX.

    Some problems I had:

    Once an event occurs that plays a sound. It will play the first time but when that event reoccurs the sound doesn't play. When using Run App. from within MMF the sounds are ok.

    Lining up buttons and counters is trial and error. They line up different on the device than in MMF.

    I tried to use the string object as labels but even the little animation in this program slowed noticeably when they were on the screen.

    I tried using the Multiple Touch object but it was very inconsistent.

    I thought about using the joystick control object but I just can't get it to work. (if someone could build a simple joystick program that works I would like to see it so I could see what I'm doing wrong).

    I wanted to have the player touch the coin slot (which I forgot to model) to insert a coin but the event “user clicks within zone” was just as inconsistent as the Multiple Touch object.

    Also I'm not sure what frame size to use for universal use.

    To play:

    There are three unlabeled counters. Total – Bet – Won

    Two buttons. Quick Bet and Bet One.
    Quick Bet will bet the max (3 coins) and automatically pull the handle.
    Bet One adds 1 coin to the bet.
    After you bet at least one coin you pull the handle by placing your finger on the handle knob and drag down (this is a bit sketchy sometimes)

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