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Thread: Formatted text problem

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    Formatted text problem

    Okay, so I'm having trouble making my formatted text box appear on the screen. It keeps only showing the scroller on the side and not the actual text. I have no events altering it, just the options on the side. I'll list all the tabs of options here:

    Background color: white
    Auto Vertical Scrollbar: checked

    Display Options:
    Visible at Start: checked
    display as background: checked
    save background: checked
    transparent: unchecked
    anti-aliasing: unchecked

    doesn't really matter...

    Movement: Static

    RunTime Options
    Create Before.....: unchecked
    follow the frame: unchecked
    destroy object....: unchecked
    inactive if...: no


    sorry I'm making this so drawn out, I've just been altering all of these the past 2 days and the project is due tomorrow and I can't seem to make it work. Also, if it makes a difference, I have a teal colored Backdrop behind the text and an active object very close to it (the character that is saying something). This isn't the only spot that this occurs either so I must just have some setting wrong, because I have other boxes that work fine that have the same settings...

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    Re: Formatted text problem

    Send me a PM with your MFA so I can see what is going on specifically, if you don't mind.

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