Requirements and limitations

Requirements for the iOS exporter

* Registered version of MMF2 or MMF2 Developer on a Windows machine
* A Macintosh computer that can run the latest version of Xcode Apple has released.
* You have to be registered as an iOS developer with Apple ($99 per year). Note: you can register a simple Developer account (free) and test your applications in the iPhone simulator, then register as iOS Developer ($99 per year) when you want to test your applications on a real device or distribute them.
* Xcode and the latest version of iOS SDK installed on the Mac.
* To test on a real device, you need an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS4 or newer.

Limitations / differences with PC runtime


The graphic engine of the MMF2 iOS runtime is hardware accelerated, but it doesn't support shaders as well as the frame and layer effects of the HWA PC runtime. It supports
the blending and RGB coefficients at the same time as standard effects.

Even if it's an hardward-accelerated runtime, graphic memory and processor power are limited compared with Windows machine. Follow the rules described in the help file to limit the memory your application uses.


The iOS runtime supports WAV and MP3 files. Sounds that are not in WAV or MP3 format are converted to WAV. Limitation: as there is a single hardware MP3 decoder you should avoid playing several MP3 files at the same time.

External files

Very few objects support external files :


They load/save files from/to the bundle of the application. You can include default files for the Array and INI objects (and the List object in the next update).

Strings and Fonts

PC fonts are replaced by their iOS equivalent when running on the device. Those fonts haven't exactly the same size, you might have to enlarge the string objects so that the text is displayed properly.

Interface objects

The iOS runtime has its own interface objects (button, single and multiple line edit box). Most of the standard interface objects are either not available or have limited features.

Updated object extension list for the iOS export module and Fusion 2.5

This list only contains the objects that come "stock" with the download and CD-ROM
More objects can be added that are created by independent 3rd party developers or by Clickteam as an option to the stock module.

iOS Stock Extensions Version 2.5 Build 280.27
Standard Developer
Accelerometer Object X X
Active X X
Active Backdrop X X
Active Picture X X
Active System Box X X
Array X X
Backdrop X X
Background System Box X X
Button X X
Camera X
Clickteam Movement Controller X X
Counter X X
Date & Time X X
Edit Box X X
Game Center Acheivement X
Game Center Acheivements X
Game Center Connect X
Game Center Leaderboard X
Game Center Multiplayer X
Hi-Score X X
InandOut Movement Controller X X
iOS Button X X
iOS Multiple Line Editbox X X
iOS Single Line Editbox X X
iOS Store X
iOS Video X
Joystick Control Object X X
Layer Object X X
List X X
Lives X X
Location Object X X
Mobile Utilities X
Multiple Touch X X
Object Mover X X
Physics - Engine X X
Physics - Fan X X
Physics - Ground X X
Physics - Joint X X
Physicis - Magnet X X
Physics - Particles X X
Physics - Rope and Chain X X
Physics - Treadmill X X
Question & Answer X X
Quick Backdrop X X
Score X X
Screen Zoom X X
String X X
Sub-Application X X
Window Control X X

To Gain access to new beta versions of the export module -- Please add the iOS registration number to your account.