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Thread: [Beta] GamerSafe

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    Exclamation GamerSafe Extension download

    Currently I change the server, but here is the last version from GamerSafe :

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    Hello Jens,

    I'm in the process of replacing Mochi by FGL is my flash games. I am using your extensions FGL Ads and GamerSafe. They are both great and work pretty well, so thanks a lot for these gifts to the community.

    I would like to make a few requests about the GamerSafe extension:

    - I would like to have a conditon similar to Mochi when any dialog/window closes. Like "on Leaderboard closed" or "on Submit closed". Would be useful to make our app react accordingly.

    - There is no action "Show status bar", but the action "Hide status bar" exists. So when we hide it, we currently have no way to bring it back.

    - After the score is submitted, the normal scoreboard shows up. I would like to display the small scoreboard. Maybe a simple setting could be used for the GamerSafe object, a flag for showing normal or small scoreboard throughout the game?

    I don't know if you've planned to update them. But it would be great!

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