On Sunday I'll be holding a storytelling workshop right after Nifflas' workshop. Since I'm based in the film industry and usually hold lectures for film enthusiasts, I'm very interested in the aspects of storytelling that a game developer audience would like me to cover.

I have some basic topics up my sleeve, but I would like to make it as interactive as possible. These are the main topics that I'll be preparing:
- How different game genres structure story
- How to approach story when you're developing for a PC, Flash or Mobile audience
- Thousand year-old character archetypes and how you can use them in games
- The Hero's Journey story system and how to implement it.

I can go into any of these for a prolonged amount of time but I really want to focus on what you guys would like me to talk about, and answer as many questions relating to game storytelling as possible. I've already got some really good questions on the Gwerdy chat so I'll be touching on things like story plausibility, and whether the design or the story should come first in a story-based game.

Please fire away anything that comes to mind and I'll make room for it in the time allotted.