Hey guys, this is a little app I made for my gaming community. I'm from the competitive SSBM community and we have weekly tournaments and upload a lot of videos. Why not have click-able brackets, so I made this based off of the tournament results.


I assume you guys know how to read a double sided tournament bracket. The red matches in the bracket are the ones where we recorded a video for that match. Click on a match to watch the video. It is a bit bland but I am not worried about the user interface right now, I just want to complete the functionality.

What I need help with is understanding the youtube object. As you can see, clicking on a match opens up the youtube link in a new window. I would like to use the youtube object to make a little pop up youtube player within the application play the video of the match itself, so that it can be all self contained. I've tried it and the youtube object seems to be buggy or I am not using it right. Can anyone upload a simple example. And also, for opening up links in a new windows, is there a specific way to not bother pop up blockers? I'm using the flash player object, action - open url in new window.

Oh, and these are the highest level players on the East Coast, so feel free enjoy the videos if you are familiar with the game =)