My last JSON editor wasn't good enough for me, and besides, I wanted to see if I could do the same task with a programming language (to see if I had the skills necessary.


I have plans to keep improving and adding things. I haven't even checked to make sure things are properly formatted! ( ) I'd like it if you report any problems here.

It's in working condition (I'd like to think) but it's still very new. Don't depend on it.

What it does:
  • Takes Extension.cpp and Extension.h and generates an editor
  • OR Takes your CRun AS extension and generates an editor
  • OR Allows you to open up the editor and start from scratch
  • With that editor you can change all the values and names, including the about box
  • At the end, provides you with a download and a copy button

In the future:
  • Add Separators
  • Add Subgroups
  • Edit JSONs
  • Use JSONs to export a template for each build type!!!

I hope you find it useful!

EDIF JSON Generator and Editor