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Thread: Bug with a variable reaching 5.0

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    Bug with a variable reaching 5.0

    In regards to this post: 32

    I have a variable that is increased by 0.1 when a condition is met.
    For some reason, when the variable reaches 5 (in the debugger and in a counter I have displaying the variable) actions with the condition var = 5.0 do not get executed. However, if I meet the condition that increases the var one extra time (meaning the var = 5.1), the condition returns true.


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    Re: Bug with a variable reaching 5.0

    Hello again, mobichan

    Round(new( "Active" )*10)*0.1 == 5


    This tells us something about the problem

    try changing the number of significant digits right of the decimal place, in the counter, too see whats going on.

    Floating point data-types do not have enough possible configurations to store every possible number, instead they use most of there possible configurations to represent numbers near 0 with ever larger gaps as the number rises.

    This makes digital logical comparisons troublesome :P
    Rounding can fix it as i mentioned above, however i try to use integers when working with complex timing.

    Thanks for the challenge

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