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Thread: 3D Sprites advanced extension

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    3D Sprites advanced extension

    This is a BETA version of my 3D Sprites extension that is little more advanced then the original. It's based on source from the original extension, but it's heavily modified. Therefor, what was stable in the original, may not be in this one.

    In essence this extension differs from original in how it handles animations. In this extension, an "object" can have multiple animations and user can freely and easily switch between them.

    There is problem if you use both extension in one app. Since they are separate(each renders its own sprites) there is no way to properly depth sort all sprites. This issue will affect all transparent sprites.

    Testing and feedback is appreciated.
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    Re: 3D Sprites advanced extension

    Nice object thanks, i haven't had the chance to test this much but the example seems to work well.

    By the way it might be good to put this in the main Extension Development forum, because this sub section doesn't seem to get much visits for some reason.

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