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Thread: Window Shape doesn`t follow application resizing

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    Window Shape doesn`t follow application resizing

    There`s this application in 320*256 that I want to present in 2*, so I just enter 640*512 in the application Window properties. When I F8 it, it looks as I`d expect it to, twice the size - so far so good.

    Now say I have two frames:

    1. the main frame, empty except for the subapplication
    2. subapplication frame with the Window Shape and an Active that is used as a mask.

    The problem is that the Window Shape object just grabs the mask of the Active in its original state, as if it were still in 320*256 - despite that I can still see the object in subapp and it definitely does inherit the 640*512 size. Another thing is that it completely falls apart if I alt+enter it (in which case the mask for the subapp almost works but not quite) or click on "maximize" in the upper left corner of the window (in which case the application gets maximized, subapp too... but the mask remains in 320*256).

    I tried to tame it through Window Control but no matter what I can`t make the Window Shape realize it`s grabbibg the wrong resolution. Obviously I want to avoid having a huge Active(s) in different resolutions that cover all the major resolution situations. Anybody had a similar situation?

    This probably sounds confusing - I can make some screenshots if needed.

    Edit: forgot to mention I use Window Control object in the frame 2 (subapp frame) witha
    .Start of frame:
    =resize to 640*512

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    I know this is crazy old but I'm having the same problem in MMF 2.5.

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