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Thread: CCG and Deckbuilders

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    CCG and Deckbuilders

    I want to make a CCG online version. Do I need a seperate program for the deckbuilder? Which do I create 1st, the actual game or deckbuilder? Is the deckbuilder an extension? Which programs should I use for a better product?

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    Re: CCG and Deckbuilders

    For those of us not so familiar with collectible card games, a Deck-builder is similar to an inventory system; showing type and amount of a players cards, as well as allowing him/her to manage there various decks.

    Anything like this is well suited to MMF2, just use some data-structure too store player-card information (eg INI++) then iterated thru the structure and draw each card to the screen ( maybe by creating active objects )

    Also, i would make the deck-builder first as it gives you a simple entry point to start on the game

    Good luck, just ask for an example if you get stuck

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