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Thread: Exporting MMF2 Games to Mac using WINE

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    Exporting MMF2 Games to Mac using WINE

    I just wanted to stop by and mention that after thrashing away at the upcoming Anaconda runtime and Java - I have gotten the best performance (so far) by porting my game using Wineskin. My finished PC game runs as a Mac app perfectly with the only hiccup being that the sound does not work. Regardless, I thought people would be interested in the process:

    1. Download Wineskin on your Mac and make sure your Setup.exe file is on your Mac as well
    2. Create a new wrapper using Wineskin and run your setup file
    3. Set Screen Options to "Decorate Windows" to give you game the Mac Window theme rather than Windows theme
    4. Install vcrun6, vcrun2005, vcrun2008, and allfonts with Winetricks
    5. I smoothed out performance by installing dsound as well, but as mentioned it muted all the sounds in my application (.wav and .ogg)

    If I can get sound/music working - this process will net me a perfectly running professional game on the Mac. The downside is that size in MB tripled - but it's the best result with the smallest amount of work thus far. I think Anaconda will be sweet - but it still has some bugs.

    Hope this is helpful to people out there.

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    Re: Exporting MMF2 Games to Mac using WINE

    This Thread Is Old But If you do all these steps with mmf2 instead of using a game you get mmf2 working on a mac (but i did not install dsound)

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