So yesterday I bought this excellent little export module and have been playing around a fair bit with it. But now I've hit a snag. My current project heavily relies upon the MT Random object but it's acting strange on the iOS simulator when compared to how it works in MMF.

This is what I did on the iOS simulator:

1. Change seed. Doesn't matter to what.
2. Call for a random number. (Say you get 109)
3. Change seed again.
4. Call for another random number. (You get 281)
5. Change seed again.
6. Call for another random number. (109 again!)
7. Change seed again.
8. Call for another random number. (281 again!)

If you keep doing this the resulting random number will always jump between those two values forever. I'm also having problems with MMF's built-in random function. How come Random(40000) returns a negative value on iOS?

Thanks to everyone for the hard work on the export module!