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Thread: An unknown error has occured

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    An unknown error has occured

    That's right:

    'An unknown error has occured'.

    And I couldn't tell you why!
    It's a file I have used many times.
    I just wanted to make some adjustments (after six months of doing nothing with it).
    And I'm certain that it worked before.
    I hadn't even started changing anything yet.
    I just opened my file in MMF2-Developer and clicked:

    File / Build / Application

    The progress bar at the bottom of the screen is working and when it's about 80 percent done, this annoying little pop-up screen pops up!

    I have no idea what the problem is.

    I even tried reinstalling MMF2-Developer on my laptop and try to open the file there. But again with the same result.

    My file is about 15 Mb in size, so uploading it here won't work, I suppose. But I'm baffled and, quite frankly, really annoyed, because it cost me about a year of weekends to create this peace of software and I really don't want to re-create it!

    Can somebody offer any help?


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    Re: An unknown error has occured

    What are you exporting it as? Try rebooting or isolating the problem (deleting events/frames until the error disappears) so we can figure out what's wrong.

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    Re: An unknown error has occured

    Could you send me your application? I'll check what happens. Zip it and upload it somewhere (dropbox or other file sharing service, etc).

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