I found the sollution in a trigonometry tutorial by Eliyahu - thx Eli
This tut has a simple race car movment controlled by sin / cos functions.
For my game it works just fine.

If anybody wanna have it: just send me a pm and I will send you

Again: this sollution is by Eliyahu!!! not by me. So all the credits to Eli!


I┤m working on the following small IOS game:

I┤ve got the (still great working) race car movement on my little aircraft.
What i want: when player pushes button left / right (mousover button + click) -> aircraft should turn left right. So I need that the buttons (simple active objects) are the Inputs (unf. i can not use the joystick extension in ios yet).

any ideas?

edited: and i dont want to use the build in ios joystick.