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Thread: Cluster bomb problem

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    Cluster bomb problem

    I've been working on this for a couple of versions now, and I'm finding it increasingly baffling.

    In the game I'm working on there are a variety of weapons fired from a cannon. One is a "cluster bomb", which is supposed to create multiple "bomblets" after it explodes, which then go on to do much the same thing as the original bomb. Both cb and bomblets are intended to stop movement and play the "explode" animation when they either "hit the ground" (reach a y coordinate of over 500 in the case of the bomb, or 510 in the case of the bomblets, to keep them from "exploding" on the moment of creation) or hit an enemy.

    Simple enough; the bomb is a "pinball" object that starts with the direction of the cannon firing it; the three "bomblets" are also pinball objects, to jump into the air on creation in the directions up, up-right, and up-left (or slightly offset), based upon the "initial direction" parameters of their objects.

    Small problem; some of my bomblets, upon hitting an "enemy" are "stopping"- that is, hanging in mid-air- but never running the explosion animation. As near as I can tell, there *are* no commands that should make them do this; every instance of "stop this object class moving" is accompanied by "and change animation to 'exploding'." I've even tried adding additional lines that say "is object type 'bomblet' not moving? Then it should run the explosion animation!"- to no apparent effect.

    The "explosion" animation, I should note, is *not* the "disappearing" sequence; the bombs are supposed to be capable of doing damage while they're blowing up, so they "explode" and *then* disappear.

    Any suggestions?

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    This is a silly guess but maybe the animation frame number of the bomblets is carrying over to the exploding animation, and there aren't enough exploding animation frames so the animation isn't being swapped. to test this, for every occurance of "change animation to 'exploding'" change animation frame to 1 (or zero if 1 doesn't fix it). The change animation frame action should go before the "change animation" action. (otherwise the animation will be set with the wrong frame)

    An easier solution:
    I tend not to rely on animations to do my bidding. I prefer to create seperate objects. Like have an "explosion" object and create it relative to the bomblet, then destory the bomblete. (To do this, you must double click the actions and bring up the list to see if the actions are in the right order. If the bomblete is destoryed before the explosion is told to be created, the explosion wont be created.) Actions at the top of the list are executed first.

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