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Thread: Pixel Shaders 3.0?

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    Pixel Shaders 3.0?

    Are there any news about issue with PS_3 not working? I just tested some of my old ps3 shaders and none of them are working

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    To quote myself in a fusionwiki article:
    There are several versions of pixel shaders. In theory, most graphics cards nowadays are very powerful and support the so-called shader model 3 (which includes pixel shader 3). Unfortunately, in reality, MMF does not. Even with high-end graphics cards, many users have reported problems running pixel shader 3 effects in MMF. It is therefore important to understand that this severely limits us when developing shaders, since we have to limit ourselves to pixel shader 2, which is obviously not as powerful.
    I know, it's tragic. You have to get over it

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